Notion Business Invoice Template


Notion Business Invoice Template

Template Road

This template is perfect for creating simple invoices in your business.

Who will love this template?

  • Businesses wanting to standardised their invoice process and use Notion documents to ensure a consistent invoice format

  • Freelancers, contractors and consultants who submit invoices and want to put across a professional image


The process for using this template is:

  • Duplicate the template in your Notion workspace and set up the template with your business name, next invoice number, address and payment terms, including a PayPal or Stripe payment link.

  • Duplicate your customised template and start creating a new invoice from your duplicate.

  • Click on the "..." on the top-right of your screen > Export > PDF (leave other settings)

  • Drag your PDF Invoice into an email to send to your client and wait for their cha-ching 💰


What you need before purchase

  • Basic knowledge of how to use Notion

  • Notion account (free is fine for this template)


After purchase

After purchase you'll get access to the Notion template immediately. From the template page, click on Duplicate link (top right-hand of screen) to copy to your account. For ongoing use, delete the sample content then click on Duplicate again to copy & rename.




As this is a digital product, we can't offer refunds on purchases. Feel free to contact us via our main website, Template Road, for any questions before buying and we'll happily reply.

Notion Free Account

This template will work on the free account within Notion but we'd recommend the paid version if you're using with your team.

Share with team

This purchase is for a single license for you to use with your team. If you want to share with additional teams, divisions or people from other companies, please get in touch (to discuss the extra licenses).